Cameron David

Co-founder, Personal Trainer & Health Coach

My name is Cameron David, I have been a personal trainer since 2015 and am certified through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. In short, I am a fitness nerd. Instead of looking at only the physical body, I take a whole-human and life-perspective approach to fitness and health. I personally believe that without attention to the realms of body, mind, nutrition and community, it is all too common to fail the same way when tackling health and fitness goals. I have a background in Kinesiology and Health Science, and have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in all realms of health and wellness. Specifically, I am extremely passionate about helping people who feel like they are too busy to achieve the health they want for themselves. My mission is to provide access for those people to achieve optimal health and balance in their life. I realized my passion through going through my own health journey. When I was 5 years old, my dad passed away due to a heart aneurysm. I withdrew in childhood into my own world through video games. Before long, I started to develop physical pain and discomfort followed by a diagnosis with structural scoliosis. Through this struggle, I started to self-learn at the age of 16 about how we can feel better through healthy eating and exercise. I would view fitness and health as a video game. From that moment forward, my path was clear. I am committed to helping people achieve optimal health to restore mobility and function, so they can enjoy their lives with the people they love most. My personal promise to the world is to assure that everyone feels heard and valued. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to achieve optimal health, and that with collaboration and care we can get there.