About Us

Founded on Care

The founders have gone through their own Fuel Life Journey.
They realized we can't afford to put our health on the back-burner. They grew tired of the monotonous grind of everyday life and chose to do something about it. 

Cam's Fuel Life Story

The Founders


Cameron David is a personal trainer and health coach. He experienced the impact of losing his father at a young age which, as a result, gifted him with a deep compassion and listening for others. Now, he impacts the world by inspiring others to achieve optimal health.


Angel Chan is a designated accountant. As a busy professional, Angel understands the struggles of maintaining work-life balance and how work is often prioritized over one’s health. After Angel has made a commitment to taking care of her health, she realized how powerful the impact has been on all areas of her life. Now she is inspired to help other busy professionals to experience the life-transforming journey that she has undertaken!


Sasha Voznyuk is a Medical Student. She is passionate about empowering individuals living with mental health and addictions. Having a glimpse into this world gives her a lens of compassion and humanity.

Together they have created Fuel Life. 

Meet Our Professionals

Our Commitment


The purpose of Fuel Life is to create a health companion for all


Fuel Life's mission is to integrate health services and empower communities to achieve optimal health


Fuel Life's vision is to provide innovative health navigation alongside passionate professionals to imprint a legacy of health for Canadians.

Our Values


We are committed to creating a safe space for expression and growth by meeting the community where they are at. Fuel Life believes that everyone's voice contributes to the richness and the depth of our partnerships.


We partner with leading professionals and experts in diverse health fields. By bonding with experienced members, Fuel Life is able to provide top knowledge and service for our community.


We equip each member with the framework and resources to realize their passion and purpose, contributing to our shared legacy.


We believe the health of a community is determined by the wellbeing of its most vulnerable members. By donating a portion of our profits back to Canadian charities, we are committed to integrating the non-profit and corporate sectors.

Our Team

Sasha Voznyuk

Co-founder & Medical Student

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Cameron David

Co-founder, Personal Trainer & Health Coach

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Angel Chan

Co-founder & Accounting Advisor

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Samantha Petrin

naturopathic doctor

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Romi Fung

Naturopathic Physician

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Dietetic Student

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Stephany Peng

Group fitness instructor, Zumba instructor, Zumba Gold instructor

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Josh Froc

Health Coach

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Christine Woodington

Group Fitness Instructor

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Saoirse Wang

Tantra Coaching and Teaching, Sexologist

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Travis Amyott


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Damian Norman

Holistic Movement Coaching + Breathwork

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Jeanette Moratillo

Group Fitness/Pilates Instructor

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Tracy Whitmore

LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Yoga Teacher & Coach

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Daniel Wang

Holistic Life Coach

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Mikkie Nettles

Holistic Nutritionist/Personal Trainer

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Kim Bassan

Yoga Teacher | Communication & Publishing Student

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