Daniel Wang

Holistic Life Coach

My name is Daniel Wang. I was born in rural Mainland China and immigrated to Canada when I was 7 years old. My cultural upbringing along with growing up trying to fit into Western Masculine ideals, caused me a lot of challenges. I did not know who I was or how to be myself. Nor did I believe I could create a life doing something that is meaningful to me, a life that I love. I suffered through many years of feeling blocked, in judgment of myself and the world around me. But throughout the course of my life I have come to realize that everything I have been through, is truly a gift, and that I have the power to turn the pain that I experience, into beauty, into wisdom, into the gold that struggle actually is in disguise. Now I have created a life filled with love, connection, and abundance, and it is my intention to support you at creating the life where you can live peacefully and powerfully with great abundance and joy.