Jeanette Moratillo

Group Fitness/Pilates Instructor

Hi, my name is Jeanette, I am a certified group fitness Instructor with a lot of passion for fitness and health. And that passion led me to a new path, teaching Pilates.I began teaching in the fitness industry at the beginning of 2012 lots of strength training classes, indoor cycling, and aquatic programs. I was also a bikini contest competitor early 2018.I know, what you are thinking, “what does this skinny lady know about trying to lose weight?” She doesn’t know what struggle I have been through!”Seriously, though, I get it, and you are not the only person to think that.Admittedly, I have had my own struggles. I struggled with binge eating episodes, my ups and downs with my weight. But I was determined to break that "YOYO" cycle, and my mindset, broke that barrier for me.  I believe that fitness should be part of any balance lifestyle and is important for all ages, abilities and walks of life. Does not matter how long it takes, eventually you will answer your "why".