Kim Bassan

Yoga Teacher | Communication & Publishing Student

Hello! My name is Kim and I'm a wellness enthusiast. And when I say wellness I mean it in the most rounded and inclusive meaning. From what you eat, how you exercise, the people you surround yourself with and how you balance your work-life. To me, healthy living is much more than just having the right BMI or closing your rings on your apple watch. Because of this fluid definition embracing a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming at times but it's one of the most critical decisions we must take. You only have one body and one life- treat it well!

This mindset led me to where I am today. Originally I'm from Israel and that's where I got my yoga teacher training. The introduction to yoga made me crave more, so I decided to travel the world. I visited multiple countries in Asia, Europe and all around the world just to decide that my future is in Canada! My dad was born in Montreal so the path was already there but I needed to develop new roots in a new environment. Therefore, I took my advanced yoga teacher training (500 Hours RYT) and started pursuing my bachelor's degree at Simon Fraser University. 

My hope is to combine my academic knowledge of Communication and marketing with my commitment to community wellness and by that help people like you to live their best, optimal, happy life! Can't wait to chat more :)