Saoirse Wang

Tantra Coaching and Teaching, Sexologist

Saoirse Wang is a Tantric Teacher, Sexologist, Artist, Intuitive reader and teacher, Pleasure and Bespoke life coach. She has been working in the personal transformation/healing arena for over 15 years. Saoirse started her professional journey having been trained by an African shaman, fallowed by training with Celtic and Peruvian shamans to develop her natural intuitive and healing abilities. Working with plant medicine, deep meditation and Somatic body work. Her training on healing trauma threw energy work and massage has created her own unique perspective of healing and support. Utilizing her training and perspective she help’s others tap into their own inner wisdom and healing. Saoirse uses her charm humour and ability to make you feel safe and secure to create a safe space to heal and develop your wisdom and deeper intuitive abilities. She is determined to get you to move, life requires growth and uncomfortable moments to show us our strength she is a partner in that journey with you. Tantra was the missing piece in her training required to help herself and others heal. Working intensively to heal the mind, body and spirit connection with somatic, energy and pleasure techniques. Her deep desire to connect people to themselves and to the world have led her to help others rekindle their joy, gratitude and appreciation for life. Saoirse uses her skill to help heal the deep traumas incurred from lack of genuine or authentic connections. Connection is to the key to all things, connection to self, to source and to each other. The recognition that we are not alone, that we are important, that we are all connected and that we are all perfect in our uniqueness, are central to her teaching and coaching.