Sasha Voznyuk

Co-founder & Medical Student

My name is Sasha Voznyuk, andI have always had a passion for health care, science, and the human body. I joined Fuel Life as a grant writer after reconnecting with my friend Cam. My role has morphed from just writing to Fuel Life’s overall development and progressing the vision alongside Angel and Cam. I am passionate about learning the details and mechanics of the human body. As a naturally curious person, I love learning. I am most intrigued by mental health, psychiatry, neurology, and anything involving the brain and its intricacies, My personal promise to the world is to advocate for our most vulnerable and entrenched community members, and to speak up for disadvantaged groups who feel like they do not hold much power in society. I promise to use my knowledge and passion to empower others and help them realize the strength in their uniqueness and adversities.I really enjoy writing, so the legacy I want to leave for this world is to use my words to craft something that changes the mindset of stakeholders to shift how our society treats its vulnerable and marginalized members. Specifically, I want to help those living with homelessness, addictions, and mental illness. Whether it be through research papers, or grants and programs within Fuel Life, I want to convince people who have money and power that investing in those who were born with or came about unfortunate circumstances is the path to optimizing the health of our communities, collectively.