Dietetic Student

Hi! I’m Sharon and I’m a UBC student studying to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). My interest in food and nutrition not only stems from a love of cooking and sharing food with others but also from a place of self compassion. Yes, the intricacies of vitamins and minerals are important to our physical health, but above all, I believe good nutrition and food are paramount foundations of expressing kindness to ourselves, our bodies and our health. When we are kind to ourselves, that’s when we can also be in the best place to serve the ones we care for well.          

My passion is to serve others and help them develop healthy relationships with food and their bodies. I strive to work with and counsel individuals who are seeking purpose-filled guidance, trying to (re)build trust with themselves, desiring to see their value beyond physical parameters and are empowered to build resilience. Specifically, I hope to meet these goals while working with underrepresented groups, youth, and those conquering an eating disorder. I also love to be challenged and hope to work with groups and individuals in the working space who find difficulties in navigating their health with limited time, finances and resources or are unconvinced that they have the capability to take charge of their health. I get excited to work with people to accomplish the unexpected and prove otherwise.

In all my work, I advocate for self development and personal growth as these strengthen our intentions and mindset for building good health. Enriched by this approach are my core values for compassion, gratitude, humility, integrity, and strength amongst vulnerability, among many others. It is my heartful intention to share these with you to fuel every health journey.