Empowering Youth Through Food

We are committed to creating a future where youth are able to express themselves freely, achieve their dreams through guidance & develop a healthy relationship with food

Our Health Pillars

We integrate each of these pillars into a customized health plan that works for you. Each pillar covers a unique aspect of health that together contributes to a stronger, long-term health journey.


Muscular Strength & Function
Muscular Endurance & Stamina
Cardiovascular health
Flexability & Mobility


Sleep & Recovery
Mental Health & Self-care
Resilience & Purpose
Health Literacy & Education


Support & Accountability
Social Connectedness
Inclusivity & Personalization
Pass on the torch (legacy)


Nutritional Awareness
Behavioural Awareness
Nutritional Control & Mindset
Education & Food Skills

Share n' Bake Fundraiser

12:00PM to 2:00PM PST

Fuel Life is excited to announce our next virtual event! This time we will making your holiday a little merrier with a baking fundraiser dedicated to celebrating connections and supporting youth.

All of our proceeds from this event will be donated to support the programs and work of the Looking Glass Foundation; a non-profit organization also grounded in hope and compassion by supporting youth/individuals with eating disorders to recovery.

Your ticket is a direct donation to the Looking Glass Foundation.

Join NOw!

What we'll make!


*Detailed info will be sent to registrants

• Unsalted butter
• Granulated sugar
• Salt
• All purpose flour
• Milk
• Cornstarch
• Cinnamon
• Eggs
• Ginger, ground
• Nutmeg, ground
• Whipping cream
• Fruit of choice
• Mint

Celebrating Connections & Supporting Wellbeing for Youth

NOTE: For this event, you must supply your own ingredients.

Event by Donation

Enjoy tasty holiday treats and donate for a cause!

100% of proceeds go to The Looking Glass Foundation

A chance to highlight community sharing and connection

An opportunity to learn from chefs and nutrition experts

Join now!
Our dedicated and skilled facilitators.

Who are we?

Cameron David

Cameron David is one of the co-founders of Fuel Life and a fitness nerd at heart. He takes a whole-human and life-perspective approach to fitness and health. Cameron helps busy men and women over 35 break the cycle of trading their health for success. His personal mission is to help clients achieve optimal health and find balance in their life. He stumbled upon this passion through his own health journey. At the age of 5 years old, Cameron's dad passed away due to a heart aneurysm. Watching his mom deal with the impact of loss, and dealing with his own personal struggles growing up, he realized that life is precious and being proactive is key. Cameron believes that his passion and actions extend his dads legacy, giving families the gift of life.

Co-founder & Personal Trainer

Angel Chan

Angel Chan is one of the co-founders of Fuel Life and a designated accountant. As a busy professional, Angel understands the struggles of maintaining work-life balance and how work is often prioritized over one’s health. After Angel made a commitment to taking care of her health, she realized how powerful the impact has been on all areas of her life. Now she is inspired to help other busy professionals to experience the life-transforming journey that she has undertaken!

Co-founder & Accountant

Sharon Sun

Sharon is a student studying to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). She is deeply rooted in all things food and has experience with creating and delivering community cooking programs, providing nutrition workshops, creating tasty desserts at restaurants, and showcasing the love for food by crafting social content. Her holistic approach to health includes sharing the big of picture of nourishing nutrition while helping others develop their healthiest relationship with food possible. Integrated into these foundations is her advocacy for creating intentional change through self compassion, gratitude and purpose leading to kindness to ourselves, others and the environment. After all, food is the one of the universal languages of love.

Dietetic Student